Twentieth Anniversary

We decided to produce a special edition of our newsletter to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the neighborhood. It turned out to be a 40-page booklet, telling the story of the neighborhood from the original idea to the present through a series of articles and a gallery of pictures. It was designed to look sharp in print and to be legible in that medium. Here are the contents of that booklet in a web-friendlier format, posted in ten parts for ease of finding what you want to see:

     Part One:

Cover, Doug Boone, and A Sense of Community

     Part Two:

How It All Began and St. Alban’s Church

     Part Three:

What’s In a Name

     Part Four:

Stenhouse Home construction

     Part Five:

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

     Part Six:

A Walk in the Park

     Part Seven:

SEEDS Community Garden and the Women's Book Club

     Part Eight:

Council of Stewards and Tom Fischer Award

     Part Nine:

Fun over the Years

     Part Ten:

Picture Gallery


Most of the older photographs were taken by Doug Boone. Other contributors include David Beall, Ellen Eller, Steve Lee, Donna Leonhardt, Jane McDonald, Bruce McMillen, Gwen Miles, Dave Smith, Mike Stenhouse, Pat Stenhouse, Lovenia Summerville, and Lesley Swartz. Many others offered ideas and guidance. The editorial committee was Ted Ehling, Jane McDonald, and Steve Lee.

Writers, photographers, artists, and other contributors retain the copyrights to their works.