Headed by Wayne Utley, the committee’s goal is to keep St Alban’s at the standard that the homeowners require. This is key to maintain property values. As such, any change to the exterior of a single-family home or townhome must be reviewed and approved beforehand. Need to change a door, or shutters, or add a porch or change the color of your home: seek the guidance and approval of the Architectural Committee. It’s not about control. It’s all about maintaining quality standards that will keep the property values of the entire neighborhood.


Similar to the Architectural committee, the Landscape committee headed by Marilyn Lakey helps the homeowners keep their properties up to the standards set by the developer and the Homeowners Association. Trees are important to the neighborhood, and town; check with the committee before removing any trees. Visitors to St Alban’s observe how well we maintain our trees, grass, flowers, shrubs. It’s one of the first things they see and leaves a lasting impression about our neighbors and neighborhood. The Landscape committee will help homeowners keep up the standards set by the Developer and the HOA.


This organization led by Bob Boettger was formed by the Council to improve how we communicate with and enjoy our neighbors. It has three elements: Communications (newsletter and website), a Welcoming Committee (to introduce new neighbors to St. Alban’s and Davidson) and an Events Committee (to manage neighborhood events throughout the year, e.g., The Fall Festival on Faulkner Green).