Council of Stewards

When designing our neighborhood, the developers envisioned a Homeowners Association to manage the continued upkeep of the common areas and the townhome exteriors. They set in place an HOA and a management company with a Council of Stewards to oversee the management.

This organization has kept our neighborhood healthy and well maintained over many years. And, that means it has maintained our properties and our property values by keeping St. Alban’s Square a highly desirable and sought-after place to live.

The Council of Stewards is a voluntary group whose members are elected for a three-year term by the homeowners in the community. Their terms overlap to provide continuity. To be a member, you must be a resident. When a Council member moves, they are replaced on an interim basis by the Council until the next election at the annual HOA meeting in September.

Current members are: Dan Ruppert, President; Bob Boettger, Treasurer; Jane Cambell, Cindy Jones, and Marilyn Lackey.

The Council currently has three Committees: Architectural, Landscape, and Communications.