These documents will be updated here as available. The most recent versions can be found at the Main Street Management Group site. Any questions or official correspondence should be sent to Jennifer Cordell.


Request for Architectural Approval

Request for Landscape Modification Approval     PDF     docx

Tenant / Lease Information form

Standards and Guidelines

Landscape Guidelines for Townhomes

Landscape Guidelines for Single Family Homes

Landscape Advisory Committee Charter

Architectural Standard for Storm Doors

Architectural Standard for Installation of Awnings

Architectural Standard for Name Plaques

Basketball Hoops on Individual Property

Architectural Standards for Moving Air Conditioning Units

Council Member Code of Conduct and Job Description Resolution

Older Documents

{These are still in force except for changes in fees. Check with Main Street to be sure.)

Maintenance Component Responsibility Spreadsheet for Townhome Owners

Collection Policy

Canons of Conduct
effective June 1, 2023

Ceritfication of Amendment to Covenant

Neighborhood Covenant

Covenant First Amendment

(Second Amendment has not been adopted.)

Covenant Third Amendment

Covenant Fourth Amendment

Sample Supplemental Covenants

Single Family Homes

Town Homes

Articles of Incorporation and Org. Docs



We have copied several key documents here for your use. However, if you look under the Documents drop down on the Main Street Management site you will find other documents that may be helpful. These include:

"How to get insurance documents for your Mortgage Companyā€¯

Architectural/Landscape Standards



General Information

Governing Documents

Insurance Policies

Maintenance Information

Meeting Minutes


Townhome Roof Replacement Information