What is “Suspicious”?

The Davidson Police Department regularly asks citizens to call if they see anything “suspicious.”  Since we cannot be everywhere at all times, we need your involvement and cooperation in assisting us with crime fighting.  Many crimes would never be committed if more citizens would be alert to suspicious activity and then take it upon themselves to contact the police.

When should I call the police?

When you observe suspicious activity, always call the police, even though you may not be the only observer.  Never rely on the next person to make that call.  We would rather receive multiple calls concerning the same incident than none at all.

Sometimes citizens fail to call because they are not sure if what they are observing is suspicious activity.  A good rule to follow is:  When in doubt, call the police immediately!  Don’t wait to discuss the events with friends or family first.  Valuable police response time is lost this way.
A few things to keep in mind when making that call:

What is “suspicious?”

   Here are several examples of what to watch for and when to call for police assistance:

[Note: Both of the previous two examples are signs of possible drug sales or a stolen property (fencing) operation.]

When in doubt, call the police!

To report any suspicious activity, call the Davidson Police Department. In any emergency, dial 9-1-1. If it is not an emergency, you can call 704 892-5131. During business hours, the person answering the call will assist you. During non-business hours, the taped message will give you the information you need to talk to an officer.

While your contact information will be requested, you can remain anonymous if you wish.   Your telephone number is requested so that if the responding officer needs more information, someone can call you.  If you do not wish personal contact with the responding officer, you need to let the dispatcher know.

Remember:  When the tail lights of our police cruiser leave your neighborhood, you are our eyes and ears.  Please call us!

Jeanne A. Miller, Chief of Police
Town of Davidson Police Department


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