Bulletin Board

Neighborhood Dinner Group

In this last month of the season, before summer break, we are planning to go to Verde Latin Restaurant (9818 Gilead Rd., Suite B107, Huntersville, NC 28078-704-274-9192).

Verde has is a Mexican Nuevo Latin Fusion cuisine and is one of the most enjoyable places one can go to. Owner Javier Gutierrez has selected a wide ranging menu for us that includes their most popular dishes all for an inclusive price of $30. Please let Arvind know if you will be able to come, no later than April, 15. (phone: 704.892.9608; or e-mail: arvindpatil86@yahoo.com)

Men's Breakfast

The neighborhood men's breakfast is on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 at the Cookhouse Restaurant in Cornelius. No reservations are needed. Just show up.

HOA 101

The newsletter articles based on the neighborhood Town Hall Meeting are archived on this site. The first four intallments start here.

Council of Stewards

The Council of Stewards has requested that the directory and architectural approval forms be removed from this web site. For up-to-date resident information, see the Main Street Management Group website.

Maintenance Component Responsibility Spreadsheet for Townhome Owners

It is avaliable in PDF form from the Documents page.

Congratulations! We Are Winners!

St. Alban’s Square Neighborhood Association has been named the Association of the Year in the category of “mixed use” by the North Carolina Chapter of the Community Association Institute. Dave Smith and other Council members received the award at a recognition luncheon in Raleigh on September 21, 2007. This is an exciting honor for a great neighborhood!

Recycle Information Posted

Currnet pick up day is Thursday. Put garbage in black bins and put outside by early Thursday mornings each week. The recyclables go in the red bin and are picked up every other week. Current recycling information may be found here.

Documents Posted

The Canons of Conduct, the Covenant and amendments, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws of the neighborhood association can be downloaded in PDF format from the Documents and Forms page.

Byway Parking Pads

Townhome owners are familiar with a number of concrete parking pads located along the byways. These pads will generally accommodate two vehicles of average size. Residents should be aware that these parking pads provide reserved parking space for townhome owners who are in units with casitas. On most byways these pads are marked with the unit number. On others, the spaces may not be marked, but are in close proximity to the casita unit.

These spaces should not be used by neighborhood residents for general or guest parking unless they own a casita and the space is designated for their unit. Since many of the garage apartments are occupied by family members or rented to tenants, it is important to respect this space so that the renter or resident will always have a place to park.

During the day, service vehicles often utilize these spots to avoid blocking byway traffic. However if anyone not assigned to one of these spots wants to temporarily park on the pad, that person should receive permission from the owner. Cooperation and compliance with this assignment is greatly appreciated.