Home Services: Protect Your Family and Possessions

All of us lead busy lives—so busy that we find ourselves employing others to take care of commitments and household chores that we might otherwise do ourselves. Just a few examples of professional home services include lawn care, house cleaning, child care, dog walking, house and pet sitting, and home renovation. Many of us allow these employees, essentially strangers, free access to our homes via keys or entrance codes. This gives these service providers plenty of time to develop information about our families and our possessions while we are absent.

If a worker is sent to do a job by a company, you can only trust that the owners have done a credible background check. If you don’t personally know the owner, or even if you do, there is really no way to be sure that the person they’ve hired has been screened. A company may be working on a thin profit margin and their ability or willingness to take the time to do it properly may lead to no check at all.

The Davidson Police Department urges any resident who employs such services to do due diligence. While our recommendations are no guarantee against becoming a crime victim, doing nothing almost assures you will be victimized. It is better to be safe than sorry!

These are recommendations only, and are no guarantee to prevent you from being the victim of a crime. There is no way to absolutely verify the truth of the comments made on websites. Using a systems approach can give you a more complete picture of the people you let into your home.

Jeanne A. Miller, Chief of Police
Town of Davidson Police Department


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