Neighborhood Committees

Council of Stewards

Dave Stout, President: 704.895.9117
e-mail at

Bob Cameron, Vice President: 704.237.3793
e-mail at

Jill Stierli, Secretary: 704.655.1394
e-mail at

Tom Fischer, Treasurer: 704.894.0222
e-mail at

Celeste Colcord: 704.661.6847
e-mail at

Gary Simmons: 704-896-5749
e-mail at

Dana Sonnenberg: 571.438.8286.
e-mail at

Assistant (Recording) Secretary

[An updated list of committees, chairpersons, and members will be found in the Members' Area next month.]

Property Management

Abbott Enterprises Inc.
5970 Fairview Rd., Suite 710
Charlotte, NC 28210

704.527.2314 (phone) 704.527.1304 (fax)

Vera Victorino (Association Contact) — Ext. 121

Maureen Floyd (Community Assistant) – Ext. 114

Kara Killette (Maintenance Coordinator) – Ext. 106



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