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Concerns Grow Regarding Control of Dogs in the Neighborhood

Incidents in New Neighborhood regarding aggressive dogs are on the increase and residents expressed much concern at the annual Membership Meeting on September 27. In response to advance requests, Sgt. Scott Misenheimer of the Davidson Police Department was asked to address the issue at the meeting. Unfortunately, Sgt. Misenheimer confirmed the fact that our neighborhood does have a higher than average incident rate regarding problems with aggressive dogs. There have been numerous incidents of dog attacks on other dogs or pets and on other residents, particularly over the past year.
Ordinances regarding dogs in the Town of Davidson are clear. All dogs must be controlled on leash or in a fenced yard at all times. The control of the dog is always the responsibility of the owner. By law, anyone handling a dog on a leash must be 18 years of age or older. Small children walking a dog are not considered to have the pet “under control.” Any incident regarding a dog, on leash or off leash, should be reported to the DPD. By law, all dog bites must be reported to the police. If a dog is spotted in the neighborhood off leash, residents are encouraged to call 911 or the Davidson Police Department. Repeat incidents of an aggressive dog or the inability of an owner to control his/her animal can result in the dog being taken from the owner.

A question was raised in the meeting about barking dogs. In some cases, this behavior is in violation of town noise ordinances and laws regarding pet nuisance. Again, if the dog barking cannot be controlled by the owner, animal control may take the dog from the home.
These issues are not only applicable to sidewalks and private areas within the neighborhood. Dog attacks and inappropriate incidents have also been reported in and around the off-leash dog park. Owners are reminded that the dog must be controlled (on leash) at all time until within the fence of the park. The Town of Davidson requires that all dogs using the off-leash park be registered and tagged by the town.

Some attendees at the meeting were interested in ordinances regarding cats. Most of the specific pet ordinances exclude cats. However, cat bites and aggressive behavior should also be reported and incidents may fall under ordinances that control neighborhood nuisances. Feral cats should be reported to DPD and animal control may trap and remove the cat.

Homeowner associations can pass restrictions on pet control. The issue will be reviewed by the COS.

Pet owners should always remember: Not all people are dog and cat lovers.

Final Notice!
Termite Inspections Continue in October

If you live in a townhome unit, it is time for the annual termite inspection. The Association carries insurance for damage from termites and has contracted with Apex Exterminating, Inc. of Troutman for this service. Once a year, an inspection is required to maintain this policy. Inspections include investigation of external areas of each townhome block and an inspection of first floor interior walls, patio areas, and garages.

Inspections for this year began on September 6 and Apex Exterminating hopes to complete all units by the end of October. The inspection does not involve any actual spraying for pests. It is a termite inspection service only. However, since the neighborhood does have this contract, Apex usually offers a special to townhome owners for interior pest (ants, spiders, roaches, etc.) control.

If you have not been inspected yet, make sure that you stay protected and call for an inspection appointment. This is an important service covered by your assessment fees. To add incentive to owners for 100% compliance, the Council of Stewards agreed to assess a fine for all townhome owners who do not comply with the inspection within the 60-day timeframe. In addition, owners may be required to pay the pest contractor for actual cost of inspections completed beyond the 60 days. As of September 26, there were still 38 units (20%+ of all townhomes) that had not been inspected. These units are noted and forwarded to Abbott Enterprises and reviewed by the COS.

If a townhome owner does not complete the required annual service, that owner becomes responsible for treatment and all damages incurred in that unit as a result of termite infestation. The owner of the uninspected unit can also be held liable for damages to adjoining units that were inspected.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call the Apex Exterminating office in Troutman at 704.528.8037. Rick “Da Bug Man” will be conducting our inspections again this year. He can be reached for an appointment on his cell phone at 704.902.0172.

Yard-of-the-Month — October, 2011

The Landscape & Grounds Committee congratulates Barbara & Chuck Dillman of 206 Caldwell Lane as the October 2011 winner of the “Yard-of-the-Month.” Caldwell Lane continues to be a showcase of yards as this is the fourth home to be selected on the street this year. Barbara and Chuck take pride in their yard and hard work shows good results.

The Charleston homes generally do not have much yard to display, but with imagination and care, they produce stunning results. An attractive stone border outlines the planted areas along the front and side yards. This is simple landscaping at its best! The shrubs are well trimmed and appropriately sized. Red and yellow summer colors accent the flower beds. There is the subtle hint of sculpture among the front plants. The yard is well kept and, although hiding much of the façade of the house, the large maple and crepe myrtle along the front add pleasing shade to the overall effect. The well kept planter and bench on the front porch complete the focus to this winner.

Dillman home

The trees block any total view of the house, but the Star of Excellence will reside happily in the shade of our October stand-out. Caldwell Lane has many winners!

Congratulations to Barb and Chuck Dillman!

Reporting Damage in Our Neighborhood

Streets and by-ways throughout the neighborhood are indeed narrow and difficult to maneuver for large trucks and service vehicles. Occasionally, damage may be unavoidable to tree limbs and curbing. More often, damage results from careless drivers who pay little attention to landscaping and clearances.
Your help is needed to keep our neighborhood in good shape. If you see a careless driver needlessly damage a tree, destroy a curb, or create excessive yard damage, please report this action to a member of the Council of Stewards or a member of the Building Maintenance Committee. It is important to identify the company or contractor by name. In the past, the Association has had relatively good success in receiving compensation and/or repair of damaged property from responsible companies and contractors. In particular, the Town of Davidson has repeatedly cautioned the waste management company regarding careless turns in and out of byways.

Homeowners can also help by warning contractors, van operators, and service personnel in advance of our street conditions. If you are moving in or out of the neighborhood, please plan a “best path” for your moving vehicle. It is also important that large vehicles not block emergency access. One-way limitations on South Faulkner and sharp turns have often presented problems for homeowners on Twain Avenue.

Each month from May through October, a yard will be selected among single-family homes. Please call Judy McLean at 704.895.0940 if you have questions or suggestions regarding this plan.

Change-out of By-way Light Bulbs

As published in the May newsletter, the Association is responsible for replacement of light bulbs in the fixtures above garages in the byways. Light fixtures for casitas with an exterior entrance are the responsibility of the owner. The garage fixtures have a light sensor that automatically turns the light on when it gets dark. Several years ago, the Association converted all bulbs to the compact fluorescent type (13W) in order to conserve energy and save money on bulb life.

Dave Smith, member of the Townhome Maintenance Committee, is in charge of tracking and upkeep of this work. Normally inspections are conducted about once per quarter and any burned out bulbs are replaced. However, the spring and summer months have been brutally hot and humid and change-out is behind schedule. Many of the older fixtures require access through a screw-on top and change-out is possible only during the day so that tiny screws and fixtures are not lost. As the weather begins to get cooler, replacement will return to a regular schedule. If you have a burned out bulb over the garage or see a neighbor’s light out, contact Dave at 704.987.1472. If you call to have a bulb replaced and there is no answer, leave a message with your name and street address on the answering machine.

If a fixture is damaged, develops an electrical problem, or has a bad or defective light sensor, please contact Abbott directly at the number listed at the end of the newsletter. Such repairs are covered by the Association. Some of the bulbs that appear to be burned out do have bad light sensors and replacement may be delayed, but this list will also be turned into Abbott.

Your patience is appreciated over the next few months!

Winter Holiday Decorations Contest

The Landscape and Grounds Committee invites all residents (single-family and townhomes) to participate in the New Neighborhood Sixth Annual Winter Holiday Decorating Contest.  The contest will be judged in two separate categories:

  • Best Overall for Single-Family Homes
  • Best Overall for Townhomes

The Yard-of-the-Month Committee will judge all entries. Judging will take place at night between 6:00 and 8:00 P.M. on December 11 and 12. Entries will be evaluated on creativity, originality, thematic elements and overall design quality and not just on quantity of lights. Winners will be awarded a blue ribbon and photographed for the newsletter and website.

Please call Judy McLean at 704.895.0940 if you have questions or suggestions regarding this plan. Begin planning now. Everyone is invited to participate and we encourage all to get in the spirit!

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Newsletter Delivery Volunteers

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