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Free Notary Public Service

Celeste Colcord (Market Properties) is a Notary Public and will provide free Notary service to clients and New Neighborhood residents. Market Properties is newly located at 310 South Main Street (704.655.2600).

Free Watch Battery Replacement

Greg Benjock of 278 Harper Lee Street (phone 704.896.2812 or e-mail at would be glad to replace the battery in your watch as a neighborhood favor. He has all batteries in stock, and has collected, traded, and repaired watches of all kinds for more than ten years. Call him or just drop them off at his home.

Looking for someone to care for your munchkins during the summer?

Please call Cindy Howard (home: 704.896.7200 or cell: 704.439.6178) as soon as possible. She has lived in the neighborhood for five years and is a Teacher Assistant at Winding Springs Elementary School (CMS). Cindy is a math major, so if your child needs any math tutoring (from 2nd to 8th grade), you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. It doesn’t get much better than this! In addition, your children will have the “funnest” summer ever! Rates are reasonable and flexible for more than one or two children. Please call to set-up a personal interview and do reference checks.

Need Propane for your Grill?

Transporting full or partially filled tanks of propane can present special safety issues. Many residents may feel uncomfortable with this job. Neighbor Lewis Deaton recommends a safe and reliable alternative. In the Lake Norman area, Grill Tank Express (phone: 704.575.3589) will deliver and exchange your empty for a full replacement.

Are you in need of a sitter?

Call Sarah McLaughlin for all of your baby, house, and pet sitting needs. Please feel free to call her at Our Towns Habitat for Humanity (704.896.8957, ext. 1101).

Interior Design Consultation

Linda Page (141 Harper Lee St.) is available for Interior Design Consultation. Call 704.987.1157 for further information.

Special Help Needed

Is there anyone in the neighborhood who may happen to speak Farsi or know of someone nearby that does? The Watts family on Clemens Place is taking care of an 11-year old girl from Afghanistan who is coming to the U.S. for medical treatment this summer. She has lost her vision and can only communicate speaking Farsi. The family would be forever grateful for anyone who can speak Farsi to help translate and hopefully make her stay here a little less intimidating. Please call Kathy at 704.892.7944 if you can help. Thank you!

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