HOA 101

Number 2 of a 5-Part Series

On Tuesday, May 6, the Council of Stewards conducted a Town Hall meeting and training session on “Homeowner Association 101” for those interested in better understanding the North Carolina laws regarding HOAs and how the St. Alban’s Square Neighborhood Association works. This is all part of a goal to improve communication and understanding between owners, residents, and COS and committee members.

Unfortunately, this meeting was not well attended. Kelly Hawkins of Main Street Management Group had prepared an excellent detailed outline of key issues surrounding our community. In order to make sure this information reaches a bigger audience, the newsletter will include this material in a series of five articles, one in each of the next five newsletter issues. These topics will be as follows:

Topic 2: Governing the Community & Enforcement

The governing documents of the neighborhood are a basis for protecting members’ equity in the development and they provide the framework within which people can live in harmony in a group situation.

What are the governing documents?
(in order of hierarchy)

Note: With the exception of maps and plats, these documents can all be found on The Main Street Management Group website for St. Alban’s Square Neighborhood. Maps and development plan drawings are available through Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

How are the rules enforced?
In order to enforce rules in a fair, diplomatic way, procedures exist in most governing documents and in North Carolina State Law.

The process used to enforce rule violations includes:

The process used to enforce failure to pay dues includes:

Note: Owners can be held liable for violations caused by tenants.


The Association wishes to thank Kelly Hawkins, our Association Manager at Main Street Management Group in Cornelius, for this outstanding and informative program.

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